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There are three minor issues with the paperclip...

(1) It sometimes adds a garbage suffix '95' and prefix '95' 9595to the link text

(plus... I did NOT type the '9595' in the previous line... this behavior occured only in edit.

(2) After you choose a file, it still says "No file chosen", but when you press OK everything is OK.

(3) It sometimes adds one or more extra underscores to the uploaded file name, before the dot-extension.

95link text95

link text

95link text95

asked 25 Mar '11, 07:33

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
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edited 25 Mar '11, 07:44

  1. Weird. I've never seen that but I'll investigate.
  2. I noticed that too - looking into it.
  3. That happens when you upload a file and a file with the same filename already exists.

Question: What browser are you using? I doubt it matters, but you never know.

permanent link

answered 25 Mar '11, 08:38

Graeme%20Perrow's gravatar image

Graeme Perrow
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edited 25 Mar '11, 08:38

I am (finally) using Chrome... it used to suck big wampum, now it's a case of "Where have you been all my life?"... doesn't crash like FireFox 4, doesn't look like siht like IE 9, and it is FAST FAST FAST.

(25 Mar '11, 10:31) Breck Carter

You do see the "95 link text95" things, right? ...or do I need Lasik?

(25 Mar '11, 10:32) Breck Carter
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Yes I see it. I meant that I'd never seen that behaviour before.

(25 Mar '11, 10:55) Graeme Perrow

Leave it to me to find the weird ones :)

(25 Mar '11, 14:16) Breck Carter

There are multiple reports of issues with WMA and chrome. Bullets, block quotes, and some errors with links are all mentioned. This might be causing the problem.

(30 Mar '11, 06:38) Jonathan Baker
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