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i have this select query below.

SELECT @ColumnName = ISNULL(@ColumnName + ',', '') + QUOTENAME(TestName) FROM (SELECT DISTINCT [TestName] FROM #Test t INNER JOIN #Marks m ON m.TestID =t.TestID WHERE Semester = @Semester) AS [TestName]

Sybase give this error : Function 'QUOTENAME' not found. If this is a SQLJ function or SQL function, use sp_help to check whether the object exists (sp_help may produce a large amount of output).

how this fix this.. Thank you

asked 09 Jul, 22:18

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Are you using Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)? SQL Anywhere does not report the message you cite.

Note that ASE does not have QUOTENAME function. That appears to be a Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL function.

If you are using ASE, please review faq related to ASE.

(2 days ago) Chris Keating
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According to the question, it might be SAP IQ...

(2 days ago) Volker Barth

AFAIK, there's no QUOTENAME() or according builtin function in SQL Anywhere. However, QUOTENAME() is basically a rather simple function that adds the specified quote characters (default open resp. closing square brackets) before and after the parameter, even if the parameter itself would do as an identifier. So you could simple use

@ColumnName = string('[', YourUnquotedColumnName, ']') FROM...

to have something comparable.

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answered 2 days ago

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Volker Barth
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What are you trying? This looks very complicated just to get all the test names... How about:

select list(distinct TestName) into @ColumnName from #Test inner join ...

or, if you need the quotes and maybe sorted:

select list(distinct '''' || TestName'''' order by TestName) into @ColumnName from #Test inner join ...
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answered 2 days ago

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