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We have a Windows Server envirnoment with one Server VM running the Database and another Server VM In the network as the Client App machine.

We have no problem accessing a single Database Service from the Client to the first Databse Service. This using the 64 Bit ODBC naming the Host Name and Database Server

However when attempting a second ODBC connecion to a separate SQL Anywhere 17 service on the same Host - with all the settings the same except the the Server Name - ODBC refuses to Connect (both using the default Port)

When accessing the Database from the Server Side we have no problems connecting both.

Any idea why a second ODBC connectio to the same Host but different database Service Name will never connect?

asked 30 Mar '23, 13:36

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Glenn Barber
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Thanks - we were curious if SQLAnywhare could share ports - I guess not

is the -x tcpip (ServerPost=xxxx) the correct parameter to add to the Configuration Service properties?

(30 Mar '23, 16:47) Glenn Barber

Yes - when we turned off the firewall - we could connect to the second database. So it appears that when the service starts up it sees the default port being used and switches to another. So we need to designate the port for each server to avoid the first to start getting the default

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answered 30 Mar '23, 16:23

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Glenn Barber
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edited 30 Mar '23, 16:40

AFAIK you will have to specify the port for the second server as it cannot use the default port 2638 (which the first database server instance will occupy). Same machine connection might work by using shared memory...

So I suggest to add the different ports to the HOST connection parameter for both services.

(That being said, specifying the SERVER connection parameter should work without specifying the port...)

As usually, adding the LOG connection parameter should show connection diagnostics...

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answered 30 Mar '23, 15:49

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Volker Barth
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converted 31 Mar '23, 03:07

Just to add: What connection parameters do you use, as host can be specified as its own connection parameter (as "HOST=MyHost:MyPort;Server=MyServer") or in the old fashion via the LINKS parameter as part of the TCPIP options, such as "Server=MyServer;LINKS=ShMem,TCPIP(HOST=MyHost;PORT=MyPort)".

In the first case shared memory is disabled.

(31 Mar '23, 03:38) Volker Barth
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