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We are having problem with SQL Anywhere 17 (latest build) and ADO.Net entity framework in Visual Studio 2019 - we are trying to set up the EF provider with Visual Studio 2019. I believe we managed to do it for Visual Studio 2012 (with SQL Anywhere 11, not Anywhere 17), but we would really like to do it with Vis Studio 2019 or 2022 for SQL Anywhere 17.

Is this even supported in SQL Anywhere 17? E framework provider for Vis Studio 19/22, and if not, can we expect it in futures patches and updates?


asked 15 Mar '23, 06:39

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SQL Anywhere supports the Entity Framework but it no longer provides integration starting with Visual Studio 2017.

(15 Mar '23, 09:36) Chris Keating

Thanks Chris, but is this likely to change in future updates, or in SQL Anywhere 18? Seems fairly limiting to have this just down to VS 2017?

(15 Mar '23, 09:39) PcrMember

If you use DBFactoryProvider you can build a class that works with VS 2022 and connects to SA17. It's not point and click but you can easily develop apps using this method.

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answered 23 Dec '23, 13:48

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There will be no SA18 and no future updates regarding Entity Framework, i'm afraid.

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answered 24 Mar '23, 03:30

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Axel Siepmann
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Axel, how do you know that? Is there any official information on that?

(24 Mar '23, 04:45) Volker Barth

No i don't. It's just guess respectively an apprehension. But isn't there an "end of support" for 2025 or 2027?

(24 Mar '23, 05:13) Axel Siepmann
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Well, then I think one should not make such bold statements but point out the guesswork...

The EOL for V17 has been discussed in this forum several times, e.g. here as the EOL has been updated now and then to further dates.

Note: I'm just another customer so I can only guess, too.

(24 Mar '23, 05:22) Volker Barth

As i wrote: "i'm afraid..."

(24 Mar '23, 05:27) Axel Siepmann
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Ah, as a non-native speaker I've read that as "I'm afraid to tell you" or "unfortunately", not as "as I suspect". :)

(24 Mar '23, 05:40) Volker Barth

Das ist nat├╝rlich immer schwierig, sich entsprechend auszudr├╝cken, wenn man kein "native speaker" ist. Bin ich ja auch nicht. ;-)

(24 Mar '23, 06:02) Axel Siepmann
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No official or just unofficial rumours on this?

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answered 29 Mar '23, 08:21

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There is dotconnect for Mysql that supports Visual studio 19/22, you can check it.

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answered 07 Dec '23, 09:59

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This only connects with odbc, not native. So this is not for performance

(08 Jan, 02:20) ArcoW
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