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I'm working on a web project, which connects to a SQLAnywhere version 17 database. I'm using Ruby version 2.6.2 and Rails 6.0.6 to run the app.

I've already set the SQLAnywhere environment variables, hosted in the following script:

. /opt/sqlanywhere17/bin64/

In the development environment it works without apparent problems, but in the production environment it throws me the following error:

LoadError (Could not load SQLAnywhere
DBCAPI library):

I've already tried setting the various bash script manually, but it still didn't work. What else could I try?

The gems that depend on these libraries are the following:

gem 'sequel'
gem 'sqlanywhere'

asked 27 Jan '23, 07:32

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Have you verified the environment inside of RUBY? For example, the value returned by ENV["LD_LIBRARY_PATH"] should include the $SQLANY17/lib64:$SQLANY17/lib32 (or the location of the libdbcapi* libraries). ENV.inspect will output the full environment visible in Ruby.

(28 Jan '23, 16:07) Chris Keating

Thanks a lot!. I have solved this problem, loading the definition of the variables in the configuration file in two locations:

permanent link

answered 02 Feb '23, 05:57

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