Grüße Euch, wie schreibt an SQL z.B. eine .JPG Imagedatei in ein IMAGE Feld?

VG Franz

asked 24 Jan '23, 09:19

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Volker Barth

You can use xp_read_file() to load the file's contents, and then just use the return value as value within an INSERT and/or UPDATE statement, such as

SET MyImage = xp_read_file('c:\\Gallery\\MyTest.jpg')

Column MyTable should be of LONG BINARY (or IMAGE) data type. This should work for any kind of BLOBs (binary large objects).

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answered 24 Jan '23, 10:54

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Volker Barth
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Danke, hat geklappt! Wie funktioniert der umgekehrte Fall, also das BLOB auslesen...? VG Franz

(25 Jan '23, 06:54) Franz_Stf
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Similarly you can use xp_write_file() to store a BLOB's contents in a OS file, such as

SELECT xp_write_file('c:\\Gallery\\MyTestKopie.jpg', MyImage)
FROM MyTable

Of course, you can also use local variables within SQL to handle BLOBs, such as

   declare myVar long binary;
   set myVar = xp_read_file('c:\\Gallery\\MyTest.jpg');
   xp_write_file(myBlob, ('c:\\Gallery\\MyTestKopie.jpg', myVar);

Both file functions are server-based and use path specifications that must be accessible for the database engine. For client-side access, you can use READ_CLIENT_FILE() resp. WRITE_CLIENT_FILE().

(25 Jan '23, 08:44) Volker Barth

Danke, hat auch geklappt. Aber mit den Proportionen der Bilder hab ich meine Probleme, aber das ist ein Anzeigeproblem. Vielen Dank nochmal!

(25 Jan '23, 10:30) Franz_Stf

... noch eine Frage: Kann man VOR xp_write_file feststellen, welche Extention das Bild Hat? VG Franz

(30 Jan '23, 04:44) Franz_Stf
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The type of file stored in a BLOB has nothing to do with SQL Anywhere...

AFAIK, most picture formats will have identifying values in the first bytes of the contents - but it sure would be waaayyyy easier to store the file name and/or MIME type when storing the file contents, so it is already available when you want to export the file. :)

(30 Jan '23, 05:55) Volker Barth

... so habe ich es auch schon gemacht. Vielen Dank!

(30 Jan '23, 08:43) Franz_Stf
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