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Hi, we have 2 terminal servers that already have this installed and all working fine. We have created a new server and are in the process of installing all the programs. The one program we can't install (Don't know where the install file is, and the support company is no longer around) is SQL Anywhere 17.

Could someone help me please?

asked 15 Sep '22, 12:40

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answered 16 Sep '22, 02:53

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Frank Vestjens
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Hi, thank you for that but this is a trial? Won't it expire soon and we'll be stuck again?

(16 Sep '22, 03:42) johncassell
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If you have a license key you can use the license key. You'll get an email with a developer license key and that won't expire. You can't use the developers key for production then you should fill in the license key.

(16 Sep '22, 06:22) Frank Vestjens

Check the docs for dblic.exe, for instructions on how to apply your key.

(16 Sep '22, 06:39) Justin Willey

I've managed the find the install file now but I've got as far as they registration key (which I don't have). I've searched all over. Is there a way to extract it from one of our working servers?

(16 Sep '22, 07:34) johncassell

Go to the install folder that contains the dbsrv17.lic. For example "C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 17\Bin64" then open the command prompt in that folder and run dblic dbsrv17.

This should give the details of the existing license

(16 Sep '22, 07:54) Frank Vestjens

You, my friend, are a genuis. Thank you so much!!

(16 Sep '22, 08:46) johncassell

When you say "the support company is no longer around", I assume that you are referring to some OEM vendor. I can assure you that SQL Anywhere continues to be developed, maintained, and supported by SAP.

(16 Sep '22, 10:10) JBSchueler

Sorry yes, I meant the provider of our software that utilizes SQL Anywhere

(16 Sep '22, 12:25) johncassell
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