Hello, I have table with many columns and would like to do select like Select * from table and would like that result of query is alphabetically by column names Is this possible?



asked 22 Aug '22, 03:44

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Will you accept an answer, similar to this one https://stackoverflow.com/a/10498945 where the SQL query will be built at runtime via the stored procedure?

The idea is quite simple, you get all columns from the DB, sort them, create a string and then execute it as an SQL statement.

(22 Aug '22, 04:21) Vlad

ALTER PROCEDURE "DBA"."SelectWithColumnsOrdered"(in @table_name char(100))
  declare @sql long varchar ;

  select list(cname, ', ' order by cname)
    into @sql
    from sys.syscolumns
   where tname = @table_name ;

  set @sql = 'select ' || @sql || ' from ' || @table_name ;

  execute immediate with result set on @sql  ;
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answered 23 Aug '22, 05:56

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FWIW, with v17, indirect identifiers often help to omit execute immediate calls - however, I don't know whether they could also be of help for cases like this with a variable number of identifiers (here columns)... - just in case someone has an idea...

(23 Aug '22, 08:07) Volker Barth
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