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I am trying to use LDAP authentication in SQLAnywhere 17. According to the document, I have to create a LDAP Server and login policy to use the LDAP Server. the sample for creating ldap server is, CREATE LDAP SERVER sec_ldap SEARCH DN URL 'ldap://iq10web:390/dc=sap,dc=com?dn?sub?uid=*' ACCESS ACCOUNT 'cn=Manager,dc=sap,dc=com' IDENTIFIED BY 'Not4YourEyes' AUTHENTICATION URL 'ldap://iq10web:390/' CONNECTION TIMEOUT 1000 CONNECTION RETRIES 3 TLS OFF;

Here asks an access account to be created on LDAP. ACCESS ACCOUNT Use this clause to specify the DN used by the database server to connect to the LDAP server. This is not a SQL Anywhere user, but a user created in the LDAP server specifically for logging in to the LDAP server. This user must have permissions within the LDAP server to search for DNs by user ID in the locations specified in the SEARCH DN URL clause. The maximum size for this string is 1024 bytes.

However, in other DB product, ie Sybase ASE, you can add ldap without access account, such as, sp_ldapadmin set_primary_url 'ldap://myhost:389/ou=people,dc=mycompany,dc=com??sub?uid=*' go

Can I do the same thing with SQLAnywhere - not use an access account? just talk to LDAP server with the userid it needs to authenticate? if so, how? - it won't let me create a LDAP server without ACCESS ACCOUNT clause.

asked 22 Jul '22, 15:32

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