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Firstly, awesome news that there is an official dotnet core version.

Re the comment from Dan Cummins (at this FAQ):

That's correct, we've added the .NET Core client for Windows already, Linux will be out shortly and Mac support is planned after that.



  • Will Sap.Data.SQLAnywhere.Core.v2.1.dll be exactly the same across windows, linux and macOS? As in, could we deploy Sap.Data.SQLAnywhere.Core.v2.1.dll across each environment (assuming the native library files are accessible)?
  • Linux support : will this support ARM architecture?
  • Mac support : will this support M1 (ARM) architecture?

Reasons for the ARM question:

  • We mostly develop dotnet on macOS. Currently we do this via docker running a linux x86 container instance. It would be nice to be able to dev just on macOS.
  • We presently run dotnet core APIs within docker on AWS (ECS) but using System.Data.Odbc to connect to our SQL Anywhere servers (linux x86). We would be very interested to see whether we could run the API containers on AWS graviton instances (ARM).

asked 03 May '22, 15:52

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Nick Brooks
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Volker Barth

I don't have any answer - but just want to ask whether the quite new 17.0 SP1 PL02 Build 6933 releases for Mac OSX and Linux (including ARM 32bit) already contain the .NET Core driver? (I don't use those platforms so I just don't know...)

(11 May '22, 03:30) Volker Barth
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No (unless I'm doing the install wrong). Installed EBF 6933 (as new installs) for both Linux x64, arm32 and macOS but couldn't find any dotnet assemblies.

Also it appears the assembly is not cross platform atm - the one that came with windows EBF didn't work on macOS or arm32 linux. Presumably the dbdata17.dll that it extracts at runtime is native to windows, or the code that does the extraction of dbdata17.dll didn't work on the platform.

FYI - to SAP - more than happy to help beta test.

(13 May '22, 02:21) Nick Brooks
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