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Is it possible with a Stored Procedure to upload a file?

I want to replace this by a Stored Procedure function:

curl -X 'POST' \ 'https://dev.somesite/api-external/stock/import-file' \

-H 'accept: application/json' \

-H 'authorization: Basic dHN....==' \

-H 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data' \

-F 'File=@myfile.csv;type=application/'

My Stored Procedure:

ALTER PROCEDURE "DBA"."sp_tsd_catalogus_toc"(IN "file" NTEXT)

result( "Attribute" long NVARCHAR,"Values" long NVARCHAR, instance INTEGER )

url ''

type 'HTTP:POST'

header 'accept:application/json\nauthorization: Basic dHNk...==\ncontent-Type:multipart/form-data'

With this I got a 400 error. I think because the in parameter 'file' contains the content of the file. Is it possible to save a file at the serverside and post that filename in de SP?

Anybody an idea?

Tia Hans

asked 24 Mar '22, 06:42

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I would generally use the "web client debug feature" (aka the -zoc database server option or via "CALL sa_server_option('WebClientLogging', 'On')") to check the request sent to the web server.

(25 Mar '22, 11:15) Volker Barth

We upload documents in the database

CREATE SERVICE rawUploadDocument
TYPE 'raw' 
CALL UploadDocument(HTTP_BODY())

In this procedure in the end we store the file on disc

 set l_FullFilename = 'c:\images\word\'\|| Description ||'.'|| Extension
 select xp_write_file(l_FullFilename,BASE64_DECODE(Image))

We use Json to send the image base 64 encoded

{"extension": "docx"
 "Description": "Quote for customer xxxxxx"
 "Image": "....." -- Image Base64 encoded

I hope this wil help

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answered 25 Mar '22, 05:36

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Frank Vestjens
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I asked the API developer to modify there API to accept the content of the file, instead of a file upload. So the problem is 'solved', I can upload my data with SA17 now.

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answered 28 Mar '22, 02:33

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