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Servus zusammen, welche Entwicklungsumgebung / Programmiersprache benutzt üblicherweise ein SQL Anywhere Entwickler? VG Franz

asked 27 Jan '22, 16:43

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Volker Barth

SQL Anywhere provides a variety of client interface drivers such as ODBC, OLEDB, .NET, and JDBC. As a result, it supports a broad development environments and languages. I would start with SQL Anywhere Server - Programming:

and then find a language that is best suited for the application.

(27 Jan '22, 19:32) Chris Keating

If you want to do with "out-of-the-box" tools and you already are proficient with SQL language itself you can start playing around with SQL Central and Interactive SQL.

But that's a quite basic level and probably not the solution for professional development.

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answered 28 Jan '22, 02:23

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But that's a quite basic level and probably not the solution for professional development.

I guess that depends on your professional goals:

  • If you work primarily application-bound, and the database is just a (probably "dumb") storage, your choice of programming language/platform will be your main focus and will probably dictate how many features of the chosen database will be used (think of used ORMs and the like).

  • On the other hand, if you work against an existing database used by different applications in different languages (like we do), you will probably also have much logic (procedures, triggers, events etc.) coded in SQL. For those use cases, DBISQL and SQL Central (say, for debugging) are certainly professional tools. I would assume that coding in SQL is nevertheless done with typical dev environments and source code control.

(28 Jan '22, 02:46) Volker Barth

Erstmal vielen Dank, ich benutze seit 1985 Clarion. Clarion bietet native Treiber für SQL Anywhere. Ich werde wahrscheinlich nie mehr wechseln, dafür bin ich viel zu alt 🤪😂. Aber interessieren tut's mich halt trotzdem, was es sonst noch gibt. VG Franz

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answered 28 Jan '22, 07:11

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Translation: First of all thank you, I have been using Clarion since 1985. Clarion provides native drivers for SQL Anywhere. I will probably never change again, I'm way too old for that 🤪😂. But I'm still interested in what else is out there.

(28 Jan '22, 10:59) JBSchueler
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> using Clarion since 1985

Back in 1990s the most popular development environment for SQL Anywhere was PowerBuilder.

(30 Jan '22, 15:40) Breck Carter
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