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After reading this: I was surprised to see there is a .Net Core provider. I downloaded the lastest support package SQLANYW170001P_0-71001031.ZIP and the latest Developer client but neither of these have the .Net Core provder. How do I get the .Net Core client files?

asked 02 Dec '21, 08:48

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I had expected them within %SQLANY17%\Assembly\Core2.1, but they aren't there in my case - but I don't use .NET Core, so they may need a separat setup via SetupVSPackage.exe? (That's just a very wild guess...)

The SP1 setup itself certainly does contain them.

(02 Dec '21, 09:17) Volker Barth

I searched my entire hard drive for the file. No results. I re-ran both installs to see if I maybe missed that as an option. nope. Since you said "the SP1 setup itself certainly does contain them" I was able to decompress the .cab file in the installer and there was a file named After renaming that file to Sap.Data.SQLAnywhere.Core.v2.1.dll it worked. I would be nice if this was easily available as a nuget package.

(02 Dec '21, 12:37) beater

There is a appears to be a bug with the installer. The install can be used as an initial install or to update an existing install. The update fails to lay down these new files on an existing install. To workaround this issue,

  • Rerun the install
  • Select Modify in the Program Maintenance dialog, and click Next
  • Select the Disk icon next to the SQL Anywhere Client
  • Select This Feature, and all subfeatures, will be installed on local hard drive. Please note that the workaround will not work with the other option listed.

Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall using the installer SA17011_Windows_6800_EBF.

permanent link

answered 02 Dec '21, 16:28

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Chris Keating
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Additionally, the Developer Edition installs and SQL Anywhere Client installs have not been updated yet which is planned when all platforms are available for SQL Anywhere SP01.

(02 Dec '21, 16:54) Chris Keating
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