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Hi there

At the moment the DB server sits on our own Windows 2019 box.

I have been asked to look at the procedure for moving that and web servers/services to Azure. There was a question about connections for one running on that platform on this forum, but as yet cannot find a white paper, or even definitive confirmation that this is possible.

All searches seem to pull up MS SQL (spit) and as such are not very helpful.

Does anyone have an information and/or pitfalls with this?


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Volker Barth

FWIW here's a general FAQ on running SQL Anywhere in the cloud, not restricted to Azure...

(03 Sep '21, 03:18) Volker Barth

Yup, that is what I was referring to with 'There was a question about connections for one running on that platform on this forum'

(03 Sep '21, 07:36) gchq

I would not expect that there is anything special about connecting to a SQL Anywhere database on a hosted server like Azure than running on a on-premise server. The server would needed to configured such that the host and port is visible to the world and then you would simply use Firewall Connections documentation to configure the client. See

Here is a reference to how to open ports on Azure.

I have not specifically tried this on Azure but have used the Firewall Connections several times to assist customers who had problems connecting to database servers behind the firewall.

(03 Sep '21, 10:28) Chris Keating

Basically the DB server should only be visible to a Web Service/Server and admin, as it is at the moment. Web servers and web services are the front end and should be the only IP that connects. At first glance it looks like comparable hardware rental runs out at the cost of building an on-premises server over two months, the on-premises one good for five or six years. I really am struggling to figure out any advantage to moving it.

(03 Sep '21, 12:35) gchq
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