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Any chance to open a database which needs recovery in read-only mode? My attempts with dbeng -r lead to the error message that the database needs recovery and dbeng refuses to start. Recovery is no option as the database has a checksum problem in the checkpoint log :-(

asked 15 Jun '21, 05:05

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Recovery is no option

So if the current database file is damaged, can't you go back to the last full backup and the current transaction log (and possibly intermediate TLs), in case those files are not damaged?

(15 Jun '21, 05:20) Volker Barth
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yes that is our last option, before that I would liked to run a dbvalid -s to check all checksums and see how much damaged has occurred

(15 Jun '21, 06:01) Martin

AFAIK read-only mode requires a valid database file and will fail in your case. (I assume dbeng -f against a copy of the database file will fail, as well.)

If the current database file is damaged but the current TL is OK, and there is a clear backup path, I would

  1. use my recovery plan to bring the system up again to the point of the last committed transaction,
  2. and then might take the time to find out why the current database file has been damaged afterwards.

Of course I do not know your requirements and recovery times so treat this as just my 2 cents.

(In case you except the server hardware to be questionable, well, then that would require a different doing...)

(15 Jun '21, 06:44) Volker Barth
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You cannot open a database which needs recovery in read-only mode. The recovery process makes changes to the database.

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answered 06 Oct '22, 09:29

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Reg Domaratzki
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