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After re-installing SQL Anywhere 17 GA, then applying EBF 6285, Windows command files started getting Access is denied on the V17 version of

Using "Run as Administrator" on the command files sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, which is weird.

Everything looks OK in the folder permissions etc... although Windows did complain about something being out of order and did I want Auntie Bill to fix it? to which I replied yes :)

Should I repeat the installation process, this time using Run as Administrator to run the EBF, or use the hidden Windows administrator account?

asked 20 May '21, 08:09

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Breck Carter
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Yes, I rebooted :)

(20 May '21, 08:11) Breck Carter

I cannot give you the answer, because I am noob... no... I don't know, if I can reproduce the issue somehow. But if I am not mistaken, you can try to analyze the issue with the procmon:

(22 May '21, 15:46) Vlad

Here's how I made "Access is denied" go away...

  • Renamed the file.
  • Restored from a backup.

Both comp and fc say the two files are significantly different so here's hoping...

permanent link

answered 20 May '21, 09:53

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Breck Carter
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edited 20 May '21, 09:55

Apparently you should stick with v16 DBISQL, because of the messages pane etc. ;)

(20 May '21, 09:55) Volker Barth
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I do, but... Compare Plans has become a big part of my life recently.

(20 May '21, 12:20) Breck Carter

Well, with v18, it surely will all be integrated again:)

(20 May '21, 13:44) Volker Barth


I think we've been running v18 for quite a while :)

(21 May '21, 13:26) Breck Carter

all be integrated again

Oh PLEASE someone STOP moving stuff around for no good reason, dbconsole, dbisql, scjview, cockpit, dbprof, round, and, round, the, UX, carousel, goes :)

(21 May '21, 13:29) Breck Carter, I didn't forget samonitor.exe, because it's gone, replaced by a "non-GUI".

(21 May '21, 13:50) Breck Carter
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