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SQL anywhere 17 odbc driver installed on linux server to connect to Sybase IQ, getting below error message using isql

[01000][unixODBC][Driver Manager]Can't open lib '/opt/sqlanywhere17/lib64/' : file not found [ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLDriverConnect

Kindly support to fix this issue

asked 22 Apr '21, 19:40

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Have you confirmed you have deployed the required files and ensured that the environment has been sourced correctly? See for deployment file requirements. You will need the LD_LIBRARY_PATH visible to UnixODBC to include the location of these files. Pay particular attention to the notes related to symbolic links to the libraries as you need both the .so and .so.1 for the deployment.

(22 Apr '21, 23:18) Chris Keating

@asakho: I fixed the -1 down vote someone unfairly gave you.

@Chris: Thank you for recognizing that some people (like me) have a terrible time dealing with all the "sourcing" and "symbolic links" nonsense foisted on the world by dudes who think *ix rulz :)

@all: Please up vote asakho's question because it is a good one. This is the SQL Anywhere forum, where folks are polite to newbies... this is not where every second person is a sociopath :)

(23 Apr '21, 14:54) Breck Carter

Ahh, Breck - you've had the Stack idiots following you around and downvoting you as well!

(27 Apr '21, 21:25) gchq
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