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I have a dbeng17 OEM authenticated licence for macOS and Windows

When I try to perform a dbunload on Windows it doesn't work but on macOS it works fine. The dbunload command :

"C:\8sensSybase\Debug8TPV\Bin64\dbunload" -c " UID=DBA;PWD=**;SERVER=**;DBN=Demov6" -an "C:\8sensSybase\Debug8TPV\8Backup\Demov62.db"

The result of this command is :

SQL Anywhere - Utilitaire de déchargement Version
Connexion et initialisation
Déchargement des définitions d'utilisateur et de groupe
Déchargement des unités de mesure spatiale
Déchargement des systèmes de référence spatiale
Déchargement des séquences
Déchargement des définitions de table
Déchargement des configurations de texte
Déchargement des définitions de vue matérialisée
Déchargement des définitions d'index
Déchargement des fonctions
Déchargement des définitions de vue
Déchargement des procédures
Déchargement des triggers
Déchargement des définitions SQL Remote
Déchargement des définitions MobiLink
Création de la base de données
***** Erreur SQL : Non-respect de l'authentification

If I try to do the same thing on macOS it works fine, the dbunload is perform without any error.

I have the same authenticate.sql file on Windows and macOS and the dbeng17.lic is good to (it refers to my company, the same company in the authenticate.sql)

Did somebody had an idea of what could it be wrong ?

Thanks in advance.

asked 16 Apr '21, 12:23

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Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth

So, indeed it was the SQLANY17 environment variable who wasn't set.

I define it as you said Chris, and it works fine know.

I tried to set it with a command line and I did it with the following command :

setx SQLANY17 "The path" /M

The " are important and the /M means you set a system environment vairable, and you need to be in an "adminstrator shell" to execute the commande.

Thanks for your help.

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answered 20 Apr '21, 04:45

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Wow, I wasn't aware of the SETX command, thanks for the hint:)

(20 Apr '21, 05:26) Volker Barth
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answered 16 Apr '21, 16:29

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Chris Keating
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We already had the authenticate.sql, but without the "go" on the end. So we added it, but it didn't change anything :(.

(19 Apr '21, 04:15) Ben8sens

If we tried to create a new database we have the same kind of error, a problem with the authentication.

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answered 19 Apr '21, 04:17

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That suggests that either the contents of authenticate.sql are incorrect or that the file is not found when the database is being created. For the later, may sure that the file is located in the scripts directory and that the the SQLANY17 environment variable is defined and set to the root directory of the SQLA install. Assuming that the authenticate.sql should be same for both platforms, you could diff the file from the macOS and/or try it on Windows.

(19 Apr '21, 08:06) Chris Keating
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The athenticate.sql is in the scripts directory, but indeed we think the SQLANY17 environment variable is perhaps not well defined on Windows.

We didn't find the file in the windows binary. On mac this file had everithing needed to set properly the SQLANY17 environment variable. So do you know the command line for windows to set SQLANY17.

(19 Apr '21, 09:02) Ben8sens

It will not be sufficient to do this at the command line on Windows generally as technically is the case on Linux. If you set it at the command line, it is only visible in that context and processes started there. I would suggest setting it in the Windows environment variables by entering "Environment Variables" in the search next to the Windows Logo icon which will bring up link to the System Properties dialog. At the bottom of that dialog, click Environment Variables. Check the System Variables for SQLANY17 - add or modify the value.

(19 Apr '21, 09:20) Chris Keating
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