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Is the "Global Optimizer Statistics" section unreliable in a SQL Anywhere Graphical Plan With Statistics?

Should that section be ignored?

In particular, why does it say "Optimization goal All-rows" when all evidence, including the plan's own "Optimizer Statistics" section, says "optimization_goal First-row"?

This is critically important when it comes to debugging performance problems.

Here are some details...

Graphical Plan
top SELECT node
Advanced Details tab
Global Optimizer Statistics
Optimization goal     All-rows     FALSE?

top SELECT node
Details tab
Optimizer Statistics section
optimization_goal     First-row     TRUE?

SET OPTION "PUBLIC"."optimization_goal"='Response-time'

Foxhound Display Schema 
SET OPTION PUBLIC.optimization_goal = 'Response-time'; -- different from default 'All-rows' 

Note: For a TL;DR discussion of 'Response-time' === 'First-row' see this post: Database option optimization_goal value after upgrading database from version 9 to 17

asked 05 Apr '21, 11:33

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Breck Carter
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