Hi, I have recently updated to ASA17 (from ASA16) and I'm struggling to find an option to show the "Message Window" i use this all the time to display client messages from procedures so desperate to have it back... anyone know how i can get it back ?

kind regards M

asked 22 Jan '21, 09:02

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It is moved to the History tab.

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answered 22 Jan '21, 09:06

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Chris Keating
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It is moved to the History tab.

That is a liberal interpretation of the word "it" :)

There used to be two alternatives, the Messages tab side-by-side with the Results tab (the default) and the alternative Messages pane which was always visible below the SQL Statements pane and above the Results pane.

The data which used to be displayed in the Messages tab/pane is now mangled and merged into the almost-useless History tab, plus sometimes displayed in a modal dialog box.

After two years of trying to work with the V17 version of ISQL, it is still monstrously annoying. The good news is, V16 ISQL works quite well on V17 databases. The bad news is, I haven't figured out (yet) how to launch Compare Plans from V16 ISQL.

(22 Jan '21, 11:24) Breck Carter

I was really hoping that was not going to be the answer there Chris... as the merged output is definitely not fit for purpose in our case :-( but thanks for reply... and thanks Breck for the v16 suggestion... might have to dig a version out as the history tab is driving me up the wall

(25 Jan '21, 11:23) manneym

FWIW, this behaviour change has been discussed quite heavily in this forum, see here for example. Some folks tend to use DBISQL v16 even with v17 database servers just for this reason...

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answered 22 Jan '21, 10:01

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Volker Barth
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Thanks Volker... only just joined the forum... so apologies if this has already been covered

(25 Jan '21, 11:24) manneym
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No need to apologize! Thanks for pointing out this issue - it might help to show SAP that customers are still longing for a behaviour change here...

(25 Jan '21, 11:43) Volker Barth
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> longing for a behaviour change

Here's how I satisfied that longing: I changed my own behavior :)

For example, some of my *.bat files that launch dbisql on particular databases now launch TWO copies, one with CON=ISQL16 and the other with CON=ISQL17, so I can pick which one satisfies my needs... ISQL17 when I think I might need Compare Plans, and ISQL16 for everything else.

(25 Jan '21, 16:33) Breck Carter
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