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Hello ,

I have problems connecting to a database (hsabiso2.db) via KNIME. The database is on a server in our network. For example, if I use access with Windows ODBC to connect to the database and its tables, from my (client) PC, this works without problems (I have admin rights).

SQL Anywhere 17 is installed.

[ODBC 32 bit Drivers] HSAB SQL Anywhere 17 (32 bit)=Installed [HSAB SQL Anywhere 17 (32 bit)] Driver=C:\Program Files (x86)\Hs\Ab\Sa17\Bin64\dbodbc17.dll Setup=C:\Program Files (x86)\Hs\Ab\Sa17\Bin64\dbodbc17.dll 32Bit=1


DSN=HSAB_HSABISO2 Driver=HSAB SQL Anywhere 17 ServerName=hsab_isoloc_s_app02 DatabaseName= hsabiso2 CommLinks=TCPIP{} Integrated=NO MSApplications=YES

I have Integrated the driver sap. jdbc4. sqlanywhere. IDriver in the KNIME Database, because in KNIME Windows ODBC data sources is no longer supported out of the box.

But I don’t know the correct parameterization of the database URL “jdbc: sqlanywhere: .. .” I copied (and renamed) the database locally on my PC and tried that, but it doesn’t work with KNIME. But with Access the access works here too.

I got two errors:

(1) Execute failed: Could not create connection to database: Ungültiger ODBC-Handle or (2) Execute failed: Could not create connection to database: Connection to database ‘jdbc:sqlanywhere://C:\Users\MyUsername\Documents\HSDATENSICH\HSAB_HSABISO2_20210108_165405\HSABisotest.db’ timed out

I would like to say to myself that I am an absolute beginner. There is no JAVA knowledge, not even in SQL.

I hope I was able to explain the problem reasonably understandably.

Greetings from germany

asked 22 Jan '21, 03:14

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The SQLA JDBC url should be of the form:


Based on the DSN (line breaks after semicolons for readability)


If you are trying to autostart the database on your machine with KNIME it would look like the following (set the <path> to the path for the database file): jdbc:sqlanywhere:ServerName=hsab_isoloc_s_app02; dbf=<path>\HSABisotest.db dbn=hsabiso2; uid=<userid>; pwd=<pwd>

(22 Jan '21, 09:00) Chris Keating

Hi Chris,

i work now with a local copy of the database hsabiso2.

New Url: jdbc:sqlanywhere:hsabisotest User name and Password are transferred separately in the KNIME DB Connector. I have to copy some dll and jar files in a new folder and then i had to specify this in the database preferences of KNIME when registering the driver.

It works!

I will try it now with your JDBC Url.

permanent link

answered 22 Jan '21, 09:25

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Hello Chris,

perfect - it works with your paramters too!

Thx !!


(22 Jan '21, 09:31) USCHU70499
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