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Hello everyone, We are migrating our SQL10 Databases into SQL17 and we started with the clients but we have problem synchronizing the migrated SQL17 databases against to old mobilink servers (with sql10).

First Error I get is unable to read 0 bytes on the client, and the server says PROTOCOL ERROR!! According to docs, the Mobilink Server cannot communicate with a newer Mobilink Client.

I tried to start the client to old dbmlsync (of SQL10) on the client, but it can't connect to a SQL17 database!! and vice versa, the MLSRV17 cannot connect to a SQL10 database!!!

Has anyone had the same case? How can such a case solved?

asked 21 Dec '20, 13:14

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Have you read on Mobilink upgrading and the version compatibility limitations? - According to that topic, your issues seem expected behavior, and you might need to upgrade in two steps and/or run the ML server in two versions in parallel...

(21 Dec '20, 16:10) Volker Barth
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it is funny that MLSRV17 works with foreign databases from other manufacturers but not with an older version of SQL Anywhere

(21 Dec '20, 16:54) Baron

What is meant with upgrading Mobilink Server? Does it mean converting/migrating the database from SQL10 to SQL17 or it just means upgrading the system tables of mobilink?

(21 Dec '20, 16:59) Baron

You mentioned that I may run ML Server in two versions in parallel. The question is, is it possible to run both MLSRV10 against an upgraded Database (with upgraded I mean SQL10 Database after applying the mobilink Upgrade scripts)

(21 Dec '20, 17:48) Baron

This is very doable, but in the fifteen years since version SQL Anywhere v10 was released, there have been some significant changes and upgrades in the the way dbmlsync communicates with the ML Server, the way that SQL Anywhere clients talk to a SQL Anywhere server, and format of the database file.

Can you please answer the following questions :

1) What exact version and bulld of SQL Anywhere v17 are you upgrading to?

2) Are you encrypting the communication stream between dbmlsync and the MobiLink Server?

Thanks, Reg

(21 Dec '20, 18:50) Reg Domaratzki
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1) 17.0.10, build 6057

2) no encryption

One more question, does the version limitation apply also for the downlink? (can MLSRV17 connect to dbmlsync[10]?)

(22 Dec '20, 02:12) Baron

So according to my experiment, MLSRV10 can work with an upgraded SQL10, but critic are the dummy scripts for example MLSRV10 does not understand --{ml ignore}, and from the other side, MLSRV17 does not tolerate with undefined download scripts.

So in order to have both MLSRV10 & MLSRV17 functioning we have to define own ways of dummy scripts instead of using --{ml ignore}

(22 Dec '20, 08:41) Baron

According to my experiment, MLSRV17 can generally work with dbmlsync[10], Are there any limitations so to await suprises in future?

(22 Dec '20, 08:43) Baron

Since you are running a SQL Anywhere consolidated database, and will also be upgrading the consolidated database and database engine from v10 to v17, the general process to "upgrade the consolidated" is to :

1) Install v17 SQL Anywhere on the machine

2) Backup your current consolidated database, just in case.

3) Run v17 dbunload -ar against the consolidated database to update the format of the database file to v17.

4) Run %SQLANY17%\MobiLink\Upgrade\10.0.x\upgrade_sa.sql against the consoldiated database

5) Create a new v17 ODBC DSN

6) Start the v17 MobiLink Server with the same -x options.

Your v10 dbmlsync clients should now be able to synchronize with the v17 ML Server.


(22 Dec '20, 11:04) Reg Domaratzki

You shouldn't need to have ML v10 and ML v17 running at the same time, so I don't think there's a problem with using --{ml_ignore}.

(22 Dec '20, 11:10) Reg Domaratzki

Encrypting the stream between dbmlsync and the ML Server is main problem. Having 15 year old security software perform a handshake with current security software is a challenge.

(22 Dec '20, 11:12) Reg Domaratzki
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