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call sa_reset_identity('tablename')

throws the error:

ERROR [HY000] [Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]RAISERROR executed: invalid new_identity value

The used table has only one autoincrement column. If a new start value is explicitly provided it works.

Any idea, what's the problem with the default usage?

asked 18 Dec '20, 04:49

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So what's the current max_identity of that particular table according to the system catalog?

(18 Dec '20, 07:22) Volker Barth
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it says 930

(18 Dec '20, 07:52) Martin

Hm, that doesn't look "difficult". Does get_identity() work as expected?

(18 Dec '20, 08:39) Volker Barth

yes that works

(18 Dec '20, 09:12) Martin

The new_identity value is not optional as currently implemented. The default should likely be 1 and not NULL as currently defined.

To workaround, please supply all parameters or include new_identity as in the following example:

call sa_reset_identity('tablename', new_identity=1 );
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answered 18 Dec '20, 09:51

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Chris Keating
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I tried to add a comment in DCX but the login failed (before I was asked fro credentials). Is that a pitfall of the new SAP Universal ID process?

Website returns: "SAML response has errors. Please check the logs". Guess I don't have permissions to do that :)

(21 Dec '20, 06:37) Volker Barth

I have made a fix for this issue which will be available in 17.0 Build 6254 or newer. The fix will change the default to 0 making the next identity value 1. Further, only non-negative non-NULL values will be permitted.

(05 Jan '21, 14:59) Chris Keating
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