Could somone tell me why some old functions dont work anymore in SQL17?

I have an existing publication and I want to exclude some table from it.

In the previous versions it worked as:


With SQL17 it tells me that such a change should be done within SCHEMA CHANGES, and this keyword leads me to the ALTER SYNCHRONIZATION SUBSCRIPTION statement, but here I can't add or delete any table to an existing publication!!

Any hints please?

asked 15 Dec '20, 04:48

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From the ALTER PUBLICATION documentation:

When altering a MobiLink publication, an article can only be dropped after the execution of a START SYNCHRONIZATION SCHEMA CHANGE statement.

The SYNCHRONIZATION SCHEMA CHANGE is a new feature added in version 12.

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answered 15 Dec '20, 08:30

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Chris Keating
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Here's a simple example that shows an ALTER PUBLICATION that adds the data2 column to the admin table on the p1 publication, all wrapped around START/STOP SYNCHRONIZATION SCHEMA CHANGE commands.

start synchronization schema change for tables "Admin" set script version = 'v17.1';

alter table Admin add data2 varchar(64) default NULL;
alter publication p1 alter table Admin ( admin_id, data, data2 );

stop synchronization schema change;
(15 Dec '20, 09:49) Reg Domaratzki
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