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SQL Anywhere 10 version -DBISQL tool ->I am trying to execute the insert statements around .35 million lines, even i split it to 3 or 4 files it is hanging to load the files.

1) is there any options to remove the leading spaces/trailing spaces to minimize the no. of lines with the .SQL file insert query statements

2)is there any option to minimize the lines of insert query statement in .SQL file

3)How many line of codes is good to execute with DBISQL tool?

asked 16 Oct '20, 02:54

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I don't know about particular "numbers" - just a few hints:

  • For lange inserts, I would generally recommend the LOAD TABLE statement (but make sure it fits your requirements for transaction logging, say, because you use SQL Remote or the MobiLink client, or for recovery purposes).
  • Use the READ command within DBISQL instead of loading a huge SQL script into the GUI.
  • Any decent text editor should help to remove unnecessary white space (if that is a problem at all...)
  • FWIW: Version 12 has introduced INSERT with multiple value lists within one INSERT statement.
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answered 16 Oct '20, 03:21

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Volker Barth
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Thanks a lot Volker Barth , working fine with Read command

(16 Oct '20, 03:42) Sankar
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