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Hi Sir,

Sybase Version 10

I need a function which needs to check the Directory is exist or not, and IF directory is not exist then we need to create the directory as well.

for Ex: the below script is from powerbuilder , equal script is needed for Sybase ASA Sql anywhere 10 version If Direcotyexists(ls_path)= False Then createdirectory(ls_path) End if sp_list_directory is not exist in sybase 10 it seems,correct me if i am wrong.

asked 05 Aug, 03:00

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See this older FAQ, it deals with files in general. I guess with v10 you need to either use xp_cmdshell to run OS commands or use directory servers or use native functions that call OS APIs.

And there are probably more questions to this topic here...

(05 Aug, 03:52) Volker Barth

FWIW, as this question is still unanswered but similar to your other one, Breck's suggestion with xp_cmdshell would work here, too.

Here's a fitting OS Cmd to create a directory if it does not exist:

if not exist MyDirPath\. mkdir MyDirPath
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answered 11 Aug, 15:41

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Volker Barth
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