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Hello ,

Below error is thrown when trying to create a Replication Definition for table -

Cannot find replication definition associated with table named 'rs_funcstrings' at database with id 'ASE1.rssd_rs'.

Can someone please help me understand the error. There's nothing available over internet about this. My environment - ASE Version - 16.0 SP03 PL08 Rep Version - 16.0

ASE1 is our Subscription ASE server & also where Primary Rep Server's database rssd_rs is hosted. ASESrc & ASESrcDB are Publishing Server and database. Below is the Rep Def we are trying to create -

create replication definition repdef_Empl_Groups
with primary at **ASESrc**.ASESrcDB
with primary table named Empl_Groups
with replicate table named dbo.Empl_Groups
Empl_Group_Nr as Empl_Group_Nr int ,
Empl_Group_Name as Empl_Group_Name varchar(30) ,
Empl_Group_Type_Cd as Empl_Group_Type_Cd varchar(30) )
primary key (Empl_Group_Nr)
send standby all columns
replicate all columns

asked 12 Jul '20, 02:55

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This forum does NOT support ASE or Rep Server.

Try searching the interweb with fewer words... e.g., leave out the object names.

Also try searching on the Msg number (which you left out of your question).

Here is a response for Msg 32032...

2830531 - Msg 32032 alter function string error - SRSVersion 2 from Aug 23, 2019 in English

The following alter function string command is issued from the Primary Repserver:
alter function string <repdef>.rs_insert
 for rs_sqlserver_function_class
 output rpc
 'exec <sproc_name>

The following error is reported:
Msg 32032, Level 12, State 0
Server 'PRS'
Cannot find replication definition associated with table named 'rs_objects' at database with id 'RSSD_SERVER.RSSD'.

SAP Replication Server (SRS) all versions

The dbid in rs_objects for the repdef is mismatched with RSSD's dbid stored in rs_databases

1.  Drop route
2.  Rebuild RepServer

See Also
To diagnose the problem, check dbid from this two tables from the primary RS RSSD:

select dsname, dbname, dbid from rs_databases where dsname='RSSD_SERVER' and dbname='RSSD'
select objname, dbid from rs_objects where objname like 'rs_%'
permanent link

answered 12 Jul '20, 08:47

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Breck Carter
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Thank you for the pointer. The SAP article didn't appear in my search because it needs login.

Found that the reason after studying the article is that because of multiple attempts of Repl setup, Rep Databases got wrong. Manually UPDATEd UPDATE rssd_rs..rs_objects SET RS.dbid=101 --SELECT * FROM rssd_rs..rs_objects WHERE objname LIKE 'rs_%' AND dbid=127 and now issue is resolved and so marked as answer.

2nd - please suggest forum for SAP ASE/Rep discussions.

(12 Jul '20, 10:40) LonelyRogue
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See the forum's FAQ on questions on ASE and Sybase IQ...

(12 Jul '20, 11:15) Volker Barth
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> The SAP article didn't appear in my search because it needs login.

The SAP article DOES appear in an ordinary Google search which doesn't require an SAP login... that login is only necessary if you want to view the details.

Most companies using ASE and Rep Server legally also have SAP logins... try asking around.

(13 Jul '20, 08:52) Breck Carter
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