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This is a question raised by @Sako in a comment on the following FAQ:

Is the option -ft mandatory? Since I am migrating from SQL10 to SQL17, and since DBLOG.EXE in SQL10 didnt support -ft option, then I don't know which value to assign this option.

Background: The description to Rebuilding databases involved in synchronization or replication (manual) tells that in step 3, the output of DBTRAN on the "old" database has to be noted, including the "timeline" value, to apply those values to the new database in step 8.

AFAIK, that value is only listed for v17 databases, both with DBTRAN and DBLOG, such as:

SQL Anywhere Log Translation Utility Version
Transaction log "demo.log" starts at offset 0005206932
Current timeline GUID: 3d08c867-4f32-4113-886c-b232fb0280f5
Current timeline UTC creation time: 2018-09-03 07:23:53.210000+00:00
Current transaction log GUID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
 100% complete
Transaction log ends at offset 0005219754

However, DBTRAN and DBLOG (even the v17 utilities) do not list a timeline for v16 and older databases.

Does it mean specifying the "timeline" value can be omitted in step 8 when rebuilding pre-v17 databases?

asked 08 Jun '20, 05:41

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Volker Barth
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If a log supports timelines, v17 dblog/dbtran software will show the timeline info; otherwise, it will not. If the log format does not support timelines, you do not need to specify -ft.

Note that v16 also supported timelines (although it might only have been introduced in later version of v16).

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answered 08 Jun '20, 07:01

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John Smirnios
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Hm, my databases don't show timelines...and those are using the latest build (and were created with But of course, your answer helps: If they don't show timelines, I do not need to specify those:)

(08 Jun '20, 09:04) Volker Barth
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Sorry. I looked deeper and timeline support was only enabled for IQ in the v16 code line, not SQLAnywhere.

(08 Jun '20, 09:51) John Smirnios

In my last test I ignored -ft while overtaking offsets from SQL10 in SQL17, and I have so far no problems

(09 Jun '20, 15:29) Baron
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