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In this link it's written than "In rare circumstances, SQL Anywhere might be unable to suspend transactions or complete a checkpoint within the maximum time allowed by VSS. If this occurs, you must use the transaction log file and the full recovery process to recover the backed up database. " so is it safe to backup data of sql anywhere server while it's running ? and what is full recover process in SQL anywhere if above mention scenario occurs?

asked 01 Apr '20, 05:38

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See that similar question here with John's thorough answer. I guess that should answer your question, too, particularly the last paragraph of that answer.

(Aside: You used "live-backup" as tag but a live backup is something different within SQL Anywhere, namely a client-side continuous backup process. What you are looking for is simply a backup of a running database via VSS.)

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answered 01 Apr '20, 06:02

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Volker Barth
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Thank you for your help mate :)

(01 Apr '20, 06:34) hg1735

Is vss writer included in the installation of SQL anywhere ?

(01 Apr '20, 14:50) hg1735

VSS support was added in V11. See the following documentation reference for more information:*d5e17915

(01 Apr '20, 22:43) Chris Keating
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Just to add: If your database server runs as service, you might also let the dbvss tool run as service, see here for Windows.

(02 Apr '20, 02:52) Volker Barth

So first I have to add a new service for vss write by dbsvc using dbvss17 executable right ?

(02 Apr '20, 04:59) hg1735

"dbsvc -a username -p password -w NewServiceName dbvss17 " I'm using this command to create a vss writer is it right ?

(02 Apr '20, 05:03) hg1735
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AFAIK, you must add the "-t DBVSS" switch to add a DBVSS service (the default would be a personal database engine service), and you might add "-rs ..." to start that DBVSS service after the database network server service...

As to the account used, you might also use -as instead of -a ...

(02 Apr '20, 08:13) Volker Barth
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