How to update data table column values ​​from a certain result value, Use the value of table A to update the value of the cloumn_name column of the tble_name table table A :

tble_name  cloumn_name              UUID_name           ID_value          upnew_value
contacts       city                     ID                1                kitchener
contacts        state                   ID                2                 tx
contacts         fax                     ID                2                 5105551309

Need to be converted to a dynamic cursor to fetch the value


update    a.table_name set a.clounm_nname=a.n_value where  a.uuid_name=a.id_value

update       contacts      set   city=kitchener                      where  id=1


asked 16 Feb '20, 11:49

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I don't understand what your actual question is...

(17 Feb '20, 03:21) Volker Barth

dint understood the question at all.

(17 Feb '20, 09:53) Dev

  declare ntable_name char(60);
  declare ncloumn_name char(60);
  declare nuuid_name char(60);
  declare nID_value integer;
  declare nupnew_value char(60);
  declare @sqlstr long varchar;
  declare err_notfound exception for sqlstate value '02000';
  declare update_t dynamic scroll cursor for
    select * from A for update;
  open update_t;
  uploop: loop
    fetch next update_t into ntable_name,ncloumn_name,nuuid_name,nID_value,nupnew_value for update;
    if sqlstate = err_notfound then
      leave uploop
      set @sqlstr = 'UPDATE ' || ntable_name || ' '
         || 'set ' || ncloumn_name || ' = ' ||  ''''||  nupnew_value || ''''||  ' where '
         || nuuid_name || ' = ' || nID_value;
      execute immediate with result set on @sqlstr
    -- prepare updatetable from @sqlstr ;
    --  execute updatetable ;
    --DEALLOCATE PREPARE updatetable; 
    --UPDATE table_name SET ncloumn_name = nupnew_value where nuuid_name=nID_value  
    end if
  end loop uploop;
  close update_t
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answered 18 Feb '20, 10:27

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Hm? I just don't understand...

But if you have answered your question, than it's fine for me...

(18 Feb '20, 10:32) Volker Barth
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yes i at docx find My answer.So I share my answers here!thanks all

(18 Feb '20, 10:53) mfkpie8
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