Hi all,

when i build an installation package with the deployment wizard scjview.exe and dbisql.exe do not start after installing this package on a blank system. Has there something changed regarding java or so?

Thanks, Axel

asked 27 Jan, 09:34

Axel%20Siepmann's gravatar image

Axel Siepmann
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The latest build with wich i can build a working installation is 17.09.4935. All later builds throw errors when running scjview.exe or it simply does not start.

(27 Jan, 11:06) Axel Siepmann

I suspect that this issue is because the install is missing msvcr120.dll (and possibly msvcp120.dll) that is required by the new SAP JVM introduced in 17.0 Build 5745. As a workaround, you can modify the wizard's master.xml to add the library(s) to the install once those files are copied into the java BIN directory. For example:

Locate the following and create a similar entry for v12 (you may need to do the same for 32 bit)

lib path="[BIN64_DIR]\jre180\bin\msvcr100"  ***

*** The tag was not posted as it is being stripped. Use the same formatting as the master.xml.


lib path="[BIN64_DIR]\jre180\bin\msvcr120"
lib path="[BIN64_DIR]\jre180\bin\msvcp120"

** You will need to ensure the files are copied into the BIN directory referenced.

Alternatively, you can install the runtime for that version which will install to Windows\SYSTEM32 which is already on the path.

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answered 27 Jan, 12:53

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Chris Keating
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Thanks, Chris! I managed to build a working installation. Hope this issue will be fixed in an upcoming build.

(03 Feb, 08:20) Axel Siepmann


2837154 - Deployment Wizard creates incomplete MSI - SQL Anywhere

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answered 28 Jan, 02:31

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Workaround from "2837154 - Deployment Wizard creates incomplete MSI"

Follow the following steps as a workaround for this problem:

  1. Copy the files - msvcr120.dll and msvcp120.dll into the "%SQLANY17%\bin64" folder.

Download the Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable package from Microsoft or copy them from C:\Windows\System32

  1. Modify the "%SQLANY17%\Deployment\master.xml" file by adding the above two files.

Search for msvcr100.dll in the XML file and update the file with msvcr120.dll and msvcp120.dll at all the places with msvcr100.dll functions.

  1. Create the MSI file with the updated XML file.

  2. Execute the MSI on another machine

  3. Start scjview

(28 Jan, 07:13) Breck Carter

Still doesn't work with 17.10.6057...

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answered 12 Mar, 09:09

Axel%20Siepmann's gravatar image

Axel Siepmann
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The fix was completed after this build. It will be in the next update 17.0 Build 6061 or newer.

(12 Mar, 09:22) Chris Keating

Ok, thanks for you quick response, Chris. I'll be patient. :-)

(12 Mar, 09:25) Axel Siepmann
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