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We are using sqlanywhere 17 with Embarcadero Delphi under Windows and connect to the database with NativDB components (Liodden Data).

This works very good.

Recently I tried to use the odbc sqlanywhere 17 driver to get rid of third party components.

Several problems came up:

  • Queries with large Data Amount run into a "Out of Memory" Exception
  • To use DML - update/insert/delete commands or DDL- commands like create table an authentication to the database is required. I send this authentication with a "set option" command and it works, but this authentication seems to be lost after a while and the Error -98 "Authentication violation(08W21) comes up.

Can anybody advice?

asked 04 Dec '19, 07:51

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The error -98 Authentication Violation is due to you running an OEM edition of SQL Anywhere. If you are the developer of the OEM product that embeds SQL Anywhere as the database, you will need to authenticate the connection otherwise the connection becomes readonly after 30s. If you are an end user of a product that embeds SQL Anywhere OEM edition, you only permitted read-only access to the database outside of the OEM application. My guess is that the NativDB supplied the authentication information in some way outside of the application code.

What specifically reported the Out of Memory? Can you provide the error code that is reported?

(04 Dec '19, 11:36) Chris Keating
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> this authentication seems to be lost after a while

Is it possible there are multiple connections being made, and not all of them are executing SET TEMPORARY OPTION connection_authentication?

Is it possible that NativeDB was taking care of authentication for you? . . . no, wait, Chris said the same thing :)

(04 Dec '19, 14:49) Breck Carter
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