Hi to all SAP database administrator,

Sorry for being a beginner, I do have an inquiry about our SQL Anywhere remote databases. We have 25 branches and each of these have stand-alone databases. I want to upload or synchronize it in one head office database. Please guide me on how can I start.

Thank you and hoping for your support.


asked 13 Nov '19, 06:59

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The question is whether to use MOBILINK or SQL-Remote! It depends on what are you expecting to have.

Shortly, SQL-Remote is good to start with since it is more simple, but Mobilink is more advanced.

If you dont want to invest much time for learning / understanding both solutions then better to choose SQL-Remote.

Defining special rules is easier in Mobilink. In SQL-Remote is also possible but more complicated.

This is my opinion (with 3 years experience)!

(13 Nov '19, 11:16) Baron
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Thank you Mr.Sako for the info, please kindly share where to start in SQL-Remote. I search on web tutorials but can't find.

(17 Nov '19, 05:54) mgurbanes

The documentation is always a good start to learning how the technology works.

MobiLink - Getting Started


Once you have a better idea how the technology works, this forum is a great resource for asking specific questions.


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answered 13 Nov '19, 09:01

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Reg Domaratzki
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