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Hi All,

Server SAP SA 17. Under it there are two bases, base1 and base2. The structure of these bases is the same. In base1 there are logins of 100 users. I need to transfer these logins (including their passwords) from base1 to base2. Ideally, you can also transfer the rights of these users.

Can this be done using system procedure or system table accesses ? If possible, please give an example for this.

P.S. The option of unloading the database in reload.sql I ask you not to offer, I know about him.

asked 27 May '19, 02:31

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I guess you can use the newly introduced SYSUSERPASSWORD system view and use the "password" column (if filled) to generate fitting


statements, with adequte coding of the password hash.

(Nevertheless, running DBUNLOAD -n -up seems way easier IMHO, and might be necessary to help to generate the GRANT CONNECT syntax for the password hash anyway...)

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answered 27 May '19, 04:00

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Volker Barth
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