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As the title says, does anyone know of a DataDog integration for SQL Anywhere?

Integrations exist for quite a few other db products (see and I'm hoping to find one for SA17.

asked 10 May '19, 13:40

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Terry Wilkinson
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I don't know this product, but I was playing with Zabbix and I think DataDog should have a similar approach as it exists in Zabbix: custom monitoring ( It is where, you write a script (e.g. .bat or .sh) that the agent server executes every X seconds. In the script you run SQL queries and return result (strings, numbers) that the Agent should send to the master node, store it in DB and draw charts.

(12 May '19, 03:17) Vlad

Thanks Vlad. I believe DataDog supports custom integrations (using python scripts) - I may have to go that way if no-one has already done one. Otherwise I will learn to use SAP Cockpit, although it would be nice to have everything integrated with the DataDog dashboard :-)

(12 May '19, 21:49) Terry Wilkinson
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Hm, SQL Anywhere's data dog is called "Foxhound":)

(Don't get me wrong, it's a different product, not related to DataDog...)

(13 May '19, 04:48) Volker Barth

I had forgotten about Breck's product - my bad - thanks Volker.

(13 May '19, 10:14) Terry Wilkinson
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Well, I just couldn't withstand to make pun of the animal connection:)

(13 May '19, 11:05) Volker Barth

Maybe they are litter-mates :-)

(13 May '19, 14:39) Terry Wilkinson
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The Foxhound database monitor stores performance metrics and alerts in its own SQL Anywhere database, and that database is completely open to realtime adhoc queries.

For more information see the White Paper.

Version 4 is currently available and Version 5 is in the final stages of testing... Version 5 will be available for free to anyone who purchases Version 4 now.

Here's one of the adhoc query examples...

Active alerts for each target database

SELECT IF sampling_options.selected_tab = 1 
          THEN 'DSN' 
          ELSE 'String' 
       END IF AS connection_type,
       sampling_options.selected_name AS target_database,
  FROM sampling_options
          INNER JOIN alert_union
          ON alert_union.sampling_id = sampling_options.sampling_id
 WHERE alert_union.record_type                 = 'Alert'
   AND alert_union.alert_is_clear_or_cancelled = 'N'
 ORDER BY target_database ASC,
       alert_union.sample_set_number DESC;
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answered 14 May '19, 09:18

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Breck Carter
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Ah, Foxhound goes DataDog via Python:)

(14 May '19, 10:49) Volker Barth
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