After creating a new login and giving the SYS_OFFLINE_RESET_PASSWORD_ROLE role it is no problem to change the DBA password offline in via

"%SQLANY17%\bin64\dbeng17.exe" -orp "UID=DBA;NEWPWD=newpassword;AUTHUID=DBAReset;AUTHPWD=sybase" d:\backdoor.db

But if the database file is AES encrypted that didn't work.

1) If I use the same statement as with an unencrypted database I got "Missing database encryption key for database 'd:\backdoor.db'." - This is from my point of view correct. 2) Now I want to submit the encryption key via

"%SQLANY17%\bin64\dbeng17.exe" -orp "UID=DBA;NEWPWD=newpassword;AUTHUID=DBAReset;AUTHPWD=sybase;DBKEY=xxxxxx" d:\backdoor.db


"%SQLANY17%\bin64\dbeng17.exe" -orp "UID=DBA;NEWPWD=newpassword;AUTHUID=DBAReset;AUTHPWD=sybase" d:\backdoor.db -ek "xxxxxx"

Both variants didn't work, I got the messages "Invalid offline reset passwort parameter" and "No database option is not allowed with -orp server option".

Is it possible to use offline dba password reset with an encrypted database? Or do I need a fully deployed role-based access control model, where the DBA user has granted the CHANGE PASSWORD privilege to the correct power users together with an encrypted database.

Many thanks!

asked 25 Apr, 03:33

Robert%20Kratschmann's gravatar image

Robert Krats...
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Have you tried to use -ep to supply the DBKEY via prompt?

(25 Apr, 04:08) Volker Barth

I did, but it didn't work. You'll get the message "The specified server option is not allowed with -orp server option". Using


will work. But this requires an online connection.

(25 Apr, 04:33) Robert Krats...
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So it seems the new feature "Offline reset password" is not fully implemented...

FWIW, I wasn't aware of those changes in, I had expected to read about them in the according Readme file - but apparently one has to study the "What's New" section in the SAP Help Portal...

(25 Apr, 04:49) Volker Barth

I stumble about the "What's New" section...

You are right in the readme file is no entry.

(25 Apr, 05:06) Robert Krats...

Encrypted databases are not currently supported with this feature. Engineering case# 819146 opened to address this.

permanent link

answered 25 Apr, 09:50

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Chris Keating
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converted 25 Apr, 10:20

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth

Thanks Chris

(25 Apr, 10:07) Robert Krats...

This issue has been fixed and will be in an upcoming software update that is 17.0 Build 5788 or newer.

(02 May, 14:03) Chris Keating
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V17.0.10.5820 has been publised yesterday:)

(19 Jun, 05:09) Volker Barth
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