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Hello, all I have a development server with several DB services (v16) running on it. There is no problem connecting to any of the servers on this machine via "find server", for the exception of a single service. Question: why would broadcasting differ for different services on the same machine. Below is the extract of the log:


13:49:36 Attempting to connect using:
UID=dba;PWD=********;ServerName=g4_center_local;CON='SQL Central 8';LOG=c:\temp\g4_center.txt;LINKS=TCPIP();ASTART=NO
13:49:36 Attempting to connect to a running server...
13:49:36 Attempting TCPIP connection (no sasrv.ini cached address)
13:49:36 Looking for server with name g4_center_local
13:49:36 Sending broadcast to find server
13:49:36 Using broadcast address of:
13:49:36 Using broadcast address of:
13:49:36 Using broadcast address of: (ff02::1):2638
13:49:37 Resending
13:49:38 Resending
13:49:39 Resending
13:49:40 Resending
13:49:41     Server not found (no reply received)


Thank you


asked 22 Apr '19, 06:56

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Arcady Abramov
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Breck Carter

Was the server started with -sb=0?

(22 Apr '19, 07:41) Breck Carter

No. Must it be?

(22 Apr '19, 07:48) Arcady Abramov
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Not in your case... if it was set to 0 it might explain your symptom.

(23 Apr '19, 09:29) Breck Carter

If more than one DB server is running on the same Windows machine, sometimes one of them will not receive UDP broadcasts, which is how dblocate finds servers. This has been a problem on Windows forever and we have never been able to find a solution or even replicate the problem reliably.

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answered 23 Apr '19, 08:21

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Graeme Perrow
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So no -sb=-1 switch aka "Ignore all Windows Broadcast issues"? :)

(23 Apr '19, 09:58) Volker Barth

Have you tried using DBLocate to see what servers (addresses & ports) exist on your network?

-sb=0 means "Ignore all broadcasts", -sb=1 means "Ignore all DBLocate broadcasts"

Starting without -sb anything means machines can find a server more easily.

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answered 23 Apr '19, 02:12

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