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Where can I find ASA 9 64 bit driver? I have the 32 bit reléase (dbodbc9.dll) but I need the driver for the ODBC 64 bits for Windows ODBC Manager(64 bits).

Thank you!

asked 10 Apr '19, 13:56

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answered 10 Apr '19, 14:43

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Volker Barth
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I had seen before that old question. The problem is that the dbodbc9.dll that I have is release 9.02.3508 and only works in ODBC Manager of 32 bits not in ODBC Manager of 64 bits. Its true it can run in a 64 bit machine using SysWOW64 but it doesn't work in ODBC Manager of 64 bits. So what I am asking is where can I find the ODBC driver that runs in the ODBC Manager of 64 bits.

Thanks again.

(11 Apr '19, 04:28) Delfi
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Well, it's part of the according install... When you have installed (*), do you have chosen to install 64-bit client software? If so, the according files should be in the \x64 subdirectory (while the 32-bit files are under \win32).

(*) That relates to a full or client SQL Anywhere installation. If you are using a custom install provided by third party software, it may not apply.

(11 Apr '19, 04:38) Volker Barth
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