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Our application (micros res 3700) uses/creates DSN under ODBC (32 bit) by default. Our customer has a own application to pull the sale/data from Micros RES 3700 system through ODBC. But the problem is their application looks for default ODBC of system, unfortunately Operating system installed on the server is 64 bit and our application creates DSN on ODBC 32 bit. Because of this customer own application cannot connect with our database and pull the data. So is there any option or possibility to add ODBC 32 bit DSN information's into ODBC 64 bit DSN. Please advice.

asked 28 Mar '19, 10:22

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That depends on how your apllication creates its system DSN.

If the application itself cannot create a 64-bit DSN, you may use the builtin DBDSN tool to list the contents of the 32-bit system DSN and use its output to create the 64-bit system DSN. (Note, this does not apply to user DSN, those are usable by both 32-bit and 64-bit applications.)

Such as a call to create a batch with the definition of the 32-bit DSN (say, named "MyTestDSN"):

"%SQLANY17%\bin32\dbdsn" -cm -gs MyTestDNS > .\MyTestDSNCreate.bat

and then edit (*) the according batch file to replace "dbdsn" by ""%SQLANY17%\bin64\dbdsn"" to call the the 64-bit variant to create the 64-bit equivalent:


(*) - or make otherwise sure (by means of PATH settings or the like) the 64-bit directory is used when only "dbdsn" is called.

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answered 28 Mar '19, 11:21

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