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Hi All,


This image shows my SQL editor settings. alt text

And on this image we see the background text of the command created by the wizard alt text

As you can see, the text background is set in the editor - black, and for some reason it is gray in the wizard.

I think this is an error of SA 17.

asked 06 Feb '19, 05:49

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The same problem (the gray background of the text, not the black set for the SQL-editor) is in the "central" in debug mode alt text

and in the "Server Message and Executed SQL" section

alt text

(06 Feb '19, 07:58) Stalker

I would like to raise the topic.

Described above (the fact that in the dialogs "SQL Central 17" the specified background color is not supported) is this an error "SA 17" or can this be somehow customized ?

(12 Feb '19, 01:46) Stalker

All SQL syntax highlighting editors in SQL Central show a gray background if the control is not editable, even if the a different background color has been configured.

This is not considered a product issue and there is not a mechanism to control the background color of non-editable controls.

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answered 12 Feb '19, 11:17

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Chris Keating
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You are not right.

Look at "Sybase Central" for SQL Anywhere 12.0.1.

There, for non-editable elements, the background color is the same as specified for the SQL editor. If necessary, I can send screenshots to confirm this.

(13 Feb '19, 02:27) Stalker

My response was based on information from the development team responsible for SQL Central. It is correct. There have been changes in behavior between v12 and v17.

(13 Feb '19, 07:27) Chris Keating

These are some strange changes if they led to a deterioration in the usability of "SQL Central" in terms of displaying the SQL code in unedited controls.

Why was it asked to move from the old non-editable controls (in the version "12") to the new non-editable controls (in the version "17"), if the new version does not allow to manage this control normally (fully) ?

Text of different colors can be displayed by these controls, but for some reason the background color is not. This is more like the error of these controls than it should be.

It is VERY desirable that the developers of "SQL Central" either solve this problem or return "SQL Central" in terms of displaying the SQL code in non-editable controls to the variant "SA 12.0.1".

(13 Feb '19, 08:41) Stalker
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