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I have applied a patch and upgraded sql anywhere server from Version to Version on RHEL. How do I uninstall just the patch and not the full sql anywhere.

asked 21 Jan '19, 15:21

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There is no way to uninstall a patch since the upgrade process overwrites the software that existed prior to running the upgrade. To get back to the version prior to applying the patch, you need to:

  • restore the software from a backup (if you have one)
  • uninstall the current version (or just delete it) and then reinstall SQL Anywhere using the install package from the previous version.


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answered 21 Jan '19, 15:36

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Mark Culp
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Thank you for the reply. When I uninstall the (new version) and install the old version, would the databases still function correctly? Since the patch install ran on the old version server and databases, would the databases get updated as well?

(29 Jan '19, 08:56) sheru34766
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did you upgrade the DB explicitly? E.g.

(29 Jan '19, 10:14) Vlad

Thanks for the reply. I haven't upgraded the databases. Just installed the patch on the server. Is upgrading the database recommended? If I upgrade the databases, would I be able to downgrade it to the old version if need be or would I need to use the database backups pre-upgrade?

(29 Jan '19, 11:20) sheru34766

when I do "select version from SYSHISTORY" it outputs the below: version 1 2

So it does look like the database is upgraded right?

(29 Jan '19, 11:52) sheru34766
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Just look for the rows with operation = 'INIT' or 'UPGRADE', these tell the version the database file was created with resp. was upgraded to. Rows relating to the (last) start or backup just tell which database engine version was used to do so.

In general, the database file should be able to be run with every database engine with at least the same version, i.e. if the database was INITed with and not upgraded, every version >= should successfully run your database.

(29 Jan '19, 12:01) Volker Barth

Thanks Volker. This is good information. The last Operation START says the version is This would mean that my database version is right?

(29 Jan '19, 15:14) sheru34766
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No, as stated, just check the rows with INIT or UPGRADE.

(29 Jan '19, 15:37) Volker Barth

Thanks again.

(29 Jan '19, 23:32) sheru34766
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