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If I run select Isdate('20190001'); I get 1 (true) I have tried running with SET TEMPORARY OPTION DATE_ORDER = 'YMD'; and it still returns true

If I run select ymd(2019, 00, 01); I get 2018-12-01 which indicates 2019, 00, 01 is not a valid date!

following example here

select Isdate('2019/00/01'); Still returns true

select Isdate('2019/01/00') correctly returns false

asked 15 Jan '19, 14:23

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As Breck has pointed out, there is a change of behaviour in the isdate() and cast( ... as date ) functions in v17 and it is a bug. This will be fixed.

However, YMD() is functioning as expected. The v17 documentation (also v10, v11, etc) states that the year is adjusted if the month is out of range. (Note: the doc does not actually state how it is adjusted... that is left to the reader to figure out ;-)). The date is also adjusted accordingly if the day is out of range.


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answered 15 Jan '19, 15:26

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Mark Culp
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Did we forget to document the new "I know you meant 01 instead of 00 feature in version 17"? Oh well, it'll be fixed.

(15 Jan '19, 17:01) JBSchueler

> there is a change of behaviour

That's not a behavior change.

THIS is a behavior change...

(16 Jan '19, 11:22) Breck Carter

It's a bug in Version 17...

SELECT @@VERSION, ISDATE('2019-00-01');







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answered 15 Jan '19, 15:07

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Breck Carter
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Thanks Breck for your speedy response

(15 Jan '19, 15:16) RoyBajaj


Compare(Dateformat(YMD(Substr(20190001, 1, 4), Substr(20190001, 5, 2), Substr(20190001,7, 2)), 'YYYYMMDD'), 20190001)

<> 0 --Invalid date

= 0 -- Valid date

(15 Jan '19, 15:22) RoyBajaj
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