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Is anybody aware of a 17.0.4 build for arm-linux? I need to open a third-party database. Works fine with on x86-linux, but fails with on arm-linux with error message "capability 98 missing"


asked 08 Jan '19, 07:27

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Volker Barth


Are you trying to use Remote Data Access (aka proxy tables), as they make use of "capabilities"? AFAIK, the ARM platform does not support that, vf. that FAQ.

The details can also be found in the SAP SQL Anywhere 17.0 Components by Platforms overview

(08 Jan '19, 07:50) Volker Barth

I hope not. It's a pure local application.

(08 Jan '19, 08:29) juhlmann

The capability bits also identify features that are based on the database file version (the version in which the database was initialized). This is the issue here. Use the 17.0 Build 2053 or newer which is available on Software Downloads.

(08 Jan '19, 16:48) Chris Keating

Unfortunately downloading from leads me to build 1063. Do you have a link to build 2053?

(09 Jan '19, 05:46) juhlmann
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Can't tell on that trial version (although it would seem quite ridiculous odd if SAP would supply the original GA version from 2015 as trial version...).

AFAIK, the newest ARM/Linux SP is from Nov 2018, so even is a really old v17 build compared to that. Note that this SP is available via SAP Support Portal and therefore requires a support contract.

(09 Jan '19, 07:00) Volker Barth

Thanks for this hint! I expected the demo version to be the latest.

(10 Jan '19, 01:57) juhlmann
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