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Hi All,

In SA, the login_procedure option assigned the value of its login processing procedure.

In it, under certain conditions (let's call this condition X), I cause an error using raiserror or signal.

If I enter the database through my usual Win32 program or through ISQL, then in the case of "condition X" I see this error normally, i.e. I see both the error text and the code.

If I enter the database via a web-service via http, then in the case of "condition X" I see an error that I did not specify, but "401 Authorization Required".

Formally, SA is probably right, but I still would like to see exactly my mistake, so that I could distinguish it from just the wrong name or password when entering the database.

asked 06 Dec '18, 07:30

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I don't think the login procedure is called by web services... but I haven't run any tests to prove that :)

(07 Dec '18, 11:40) Breck Carter

If the web-service requires authorization, then the "login procedure option" is exactly called, I checked it.

(10 Dec '18, 09:19) Stalker
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Here's a wild guess: Maybe the post_login_procedure feature can be used.

(11 Dec '18, 07:45) Breck Carter
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