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When many consecutive MESSAGE TO CLIENT lines are displayed on the ISQL, the up and down scrolling actions leap between the top and bottom Results lines without showing any of the intervening lines.

Copy and paste to Notepad does include all the intervening lines... but that is not a worthwhile workaround.

Here is the top of the Results tab...

alt text

Here is what you see when you click once on the "down" button on the vertical scroll bar; it leaps to the bottom:

alt text

The copy-and-paste-into-Notepad shows that the intervening lines do exist; they are just inaccessible from the V17 ISQL GUI:

alt text

asked 18 Nov '18, 07:30

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
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edited 18 Nov '18, 07:33

This pane scrolls by SQL Statement. In the example cited, the SQL Statement contains MESSAGE...TO CLIENT output that spans the display area but it remains a single statement block. When Down is selected, the control moves to the next SQL Statement or the end of the active SQL Statement if it is the last.

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answered 19 Nov '18, 10:22

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Chris Keating
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It's the right answer, and it sucks, hence the down vote.

Don't designers do dogfooding any more?

(19 Nov '18, 13:36) Breck Carter
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Usually the design is made by developers, rather than by designers. And if there is a user acceptance check, probably it was successful.

I guess at least a single row, a single column should be rendered as a text memo. The best way, of course, to use the smooth scrolling. But there are few people in this world, who wil notice this improvement.

Breck, I am on your side. Excuse me, Chris.

(19 Nov '18, 13:47) Vlad

Another season to stick with DBISQL v16 and its separate message pane...

(19 Nov '18, 14:10) Volker Barth

Here's my challenge: I just made the decision to move to V17 for Foxhound 5, and to no longer allow the customer to choose either V16 or V17.

But... one of the deliverables is a Windows shortcut to a command file to launch ISQL for Adhoc Queries of Foxhound database data. Somehow, I have to allow the customer to easily choose ISQL 16 if they have it (which they might not)... after all **I** do dogfooding :)

...ah, another interesting design challenge, to add to the pile :)

(19 Nov '18, 14:33) Breck Carter
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