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I changed to the native database driver sajdbc4.jar and its corresponding lib-/res-files. For a few SQL statements I get now following error (only the number of TEMP_number changes).

Ein Ausnahme-Fehler ist aufgetreten: 100 [SAP][JDBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Table '#TEMP_2267743605' not found

These SQL statements worked for years in production with jconn3.jar and jconn4.jar drivers.

The SQL statements in our IDE (Servoy) is an embedded one. When I rewrite it to a Query Builder statement (also an option), the error disappears. The resulting SQL statement in both cases are the same, but there must be a difference in handling this by the drivers. What problem could be associated with this? Of course I would be soothing if both versions of the SQL statement would work.

Database version is


asked 15 Nov '18, 04:07

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As connections via jConnect call the sp_tsql_environment system procedure by default whereas the SA JDBC driver does not, you could look whether some of the Transact-SQL compatibility options do make a difference here.

(15 Nov '18, 04:28) Volker Barth
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Thanks a lot for your explanation, Volker. It was how the SQL was sent from within the code (of my IDE, i. e. Servoy) application which made the problem. I could solve it.

(21 Nov '18, 11:01) robert

So feel free then to turn your comment into an answer and mark it as accepted - that shows the question is answered:)

(21 Nov '18, 11:12) Volker Barth
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