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Has the SQL Anywhere topic been deleted, along with all the questions and posts?

As of 6:56 AM EST on September 26, 2018 the following link no longer works:

Instead of going to the SAP SQL Anywhere community like it used to, it redirects to the Browse Community Topics on this page:

An attempt to search for SQL Anywhere yields No matching records found

asked 28 Sep '18, 07:08

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Breck Carter
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edited 28 Sep '18, 08:07

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Volker Barth

Well, according to the Community heads, it's no bug but by design, see the "What's New" article. To cite:

  • An entry point for topics with descriptions, details, and filtering that the former Browse Community page lacked
  • Topic pages curated by SAP product experts, so visitors will get technical data and more relevant information straight from the teams that know the products best

Apparently, according to the powers that be we are dealing with either a product with no "SAP product experts" or without relevance (or both). - Gladly, there still are some experts here...

Nevertheless, the following link to the questions with the "SAP SQL Anywhere" tag still works:

As before, don't use the "SQL Anywhere" tag as that is restricted to Japanese questions (for whatever reasons).

And as a funny effect the new design does not allow nested comments anymore, as discussed here. - I shared some ranting there but then again, the official answer is:

Sorry but this is not a bug, this is by design. We've removed threading in comments therefore no reply button.

Resume: It is really all too funny (*) that this forum works well with OSQA (and enhancements) whereas the SAP Community Q&A developers obviously have been unable to make a proper design work with OSQL's big brother "AnswerHub" for two years now.

(*) "Funny" as long as this excellent forum stays in plase, that is.

permanent link

answered 28 Sep '18, 07:49

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Volker Barth
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edited 28 Sep '18, 08:50


this forum works well with OSQA (and enhancements)

A reason to give another big thanks to Graeme and everybody else from the SQL Anywhere team involved:) - Thanks that this forum follows the Watcom Rule and usually simply works as expected. - As mentioned, that cannot be considered as granted.

(28 Sep '18, 08:04) Volker Barth
Comment Text Removed

> by design

Thanks for investigating... gotta get my FSD1 calibrated.

1 Fake Sincerity Detector re: "SAP Community Experience"

(28 Sep '18, 10:26) Breck Carter

The question is wrong!

It should have been...

Product Announcement: This forum is now the only SAP SQL Anywhere Community!

With the redesign and demise of, this forum has become not just the best, but the one-and-only SQL Anywhere community in existence.

...and that's a good thing!

permanent link

answered 29 Sep '18, 14:52

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Breck Carter
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edited 30 Sep '18, 08:33

Hm, but I did also answer your cross-post over there...

FWIW, both you and me would never have asked real questions there, because the experts are here. That won't change, I guess.

(29 Sep '18, 16:03) Volker Barth
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(29 Sep '18, 16:38) Volker Barth

> over there

Over where? :)

Seriously, there is no "over there" any more, and it is a real benefit not having to check two places to see if anyone needs help.

Alas, not everyone can escape, but some can :)...

PS I changed your "call a bug a bug" page link to an image link... excellent choice!

(30 Sep '18, 08:48) Breck Carter

Thanks for the fixed link, didn't somehow manage to get it right...

(30 Sep '18, 12:39) Volker Barth

It happens all the time to me, when I right mouse click on "copy link address" or some other choice, instead of "copy image address".

(03 Oct '18, 10:07) Breck Carter
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