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Is it possible to access with SQL Anywhere 16 to a SQL Anywhere 12 DB file? If yes what do I need if i just posses the DB file? In order to get the database structure?

asked 21 Sep '18, 08:16

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Yes, all you need is a working copy (and working knowledge) of SQL Anywhere 16.

For example, if you can start and connect to the SQL Anywhere 16 demo database, then just substitute your database file name for demo.db.

Sybase Central will show you the schema.

Backward compatibility for most SQL Anywhere 16 components and features extends back to version 10... there are some bits and pieces that won't work, but they didn't exist in V12 so you won't miss them :)

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answered 21 Sep '18, 08:32

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Breck Carter
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Thanks for your help. I see the point.

Interestingly, whenever I try to connect with Sybase (substituting demo.db) I get the message:

Unable to start specified database: 'C:/Barrel_Immo/test/test.db' was created by a different version of the software

(21 Sep '18, 08:55) macsche
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Is that a connection problem, or do you get that error already when the database engine tries to start the database?

Was does

dbsrv16 C:/Barrel_Immo/test/test.db

produce (which should start that database without connecting)?

(You're on OSX, right, so you may have to source the command accordingly, or whatever is necessary there, IDK...)

(21 Sep '18, 09:15) Volker Barth

That message is similar (but not exactly identical) to the one you get when you try to use SQL Anywhere 16 software to start a Version 9 database file.

I don't speak Mac, but here is a Windoze command that successfully started the V12 demo database with SQL Anywhere 16:

"%SQLANY16%\bin64\dbsrv16.exe" "%SQLANYSAMP12%\demo.db"

The Foxhound Monitor confirmed the software and file versions:

DB File:
(21 Sep '18, 10:51) Breck Carter

You will get the error is you attempt to start a version 9 or older database using SQL (Sybase) Central v10 or later. Are you sure that the database is v12? If you start the database on the engine as Breck has suggested, what error, if any, is reported?

(21 Sep '18, 14:55) Chris Keating
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