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Currently I have db files created with 11.0.1. When using the upcoming Innsbruck Version without upgrading the db files will there be any features which are not utilized? Are there any improvements which will be only available, if the database file is created by version Innsbruck? Is there any difference for users which have a db created with 10.x or 11.x?

asked 24 Jan '10, 14:13

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Breck Carter

It may be too early to ask that question here because V12 is still in beta. If you join the beta, there is an NNTP (sigh) newsgroup for asking questions.

To join the beta see

It is an excellent question, one that should be answered in detail, here, eventually.

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answered 25 Jan '10, 10:49

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Breck Carter
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I always rebuild the database - it doesn't take long (assuming your hardware is suitable for the size of database you have) and then you know exactly what you are dealing with, and you have the benefit of the rebuild.

If you don't, there is always the concern that any unexpected behaviour is something to do with running mismatching database format and server. You can also be sure that the second question iAnywhere Support will have is "Have you rebuilt the database?" (The first question is of course "Have you applied the latest ebf?")

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answered 25 Jan '10, 10:45

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Justin Willey
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@Justin, I share your point of view and the reasoning behind. However, when dealing with customer databases, it introduces one more step (or three) one might like to avoid: 1. Doing a full backup, 2. doing the rebuild and 3. checking its result - and possibly fall backup to the backup version.

(25 Jan '10, 12:42) Volker Barth

@Justin, if your customer has one or more dbs in the range of GBs it will need some hours to rebuild the databases. So if you can avoid this it will reduce downtimes.

(25 Jan '10, 14:02) Martin

Martin, each new SQL Anywhere version has typically new features that are only available with database files in the according file format. AFAIK, the Innsbruck docs are quite verbose for which new features an reload or upgrade is needed. As to the docs, it's however possible to run 10.x and 11.x databases with a v12 engine.

It difficult to state whether this is necessary for your particular needs, so the answer might be "Generally a rebuild is useful, but it depends".

Please note that there is a difference between

  • just upgrading a database - i.e. just extend the system catalog (and some options, I guess) to the new format and
  • rebuilding a database (i.e. unloading the complete schema and data and loading both in a newly generated database file with the new file format).

Only the latter will give you all possibilities of the new version.

AFAIK, with SA12, the pros and cons between a) leaving the database file at its state, b) upgrading and c) rebuilding are generally not different from the situation when SA 11 was introduced. - Only the particular feature sets are different.

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answered 24 Jan '10, 20:50

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Volker Barth
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