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Here is a request from an enterprise SQL Anywhere database customer ( where the adjective "enterpise" applies to both customer and database... whatever you're thinking, think bigger :)...

Are you aware of any official SAP documents that define hardware requirements or guidelines?
Anything that might refer to hardware RAM recommendations, processor speed or count, hard drive IOPS or read/write speed?
Anything we might be able to submit as official/supporting documentation, or performance white papers, in a push for a better hardware platform than what we have currently?

asked 25 Jul '18, 11:27

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Breck Carter
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SAP SQL Anywhere Hardware Requirements

But I doubt the mentioned mininum requirements will help with your enterprise...

(27 Jul '18, 09:12) Martin
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Well, it contains the inevitable "It depends":

In general, evaluate the hardware configuration to see if it is adequate for the kind of workload being placed on the database server.

(27 Jul '18, 09:33) Volker Barth

> But I doubt the mentioned mininum requirements will help with your enterprise

You are exactly correct, it does not help at all :)

The context is a service provider trying to convince an extremely large, wealthy and conservative client to upgrade hardware to support a rapidly growing workload... with "extremely conservative" being the [cough] primary characteristic.

(27 Jul '18, 10:48) Breck Carter

> evaluate the hardware configuration to see if it is adequate

The following statement appears in more than one non-SAP source: "SAP itself does not make any hardware recommendations; the responsibility for sizing and detailed hardware configuration lies with the hardware partners."

It is contradicted by SAP's provision of a QUICK SIZER Tool, but that doesn't seem to apply to SQL Anywhere.

(27 Jul '18, 10:59) Breck Carter
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When asked to "please provide guidelines" engineers hear "please tell us exactly what we must have" which leads to the correct but completely useless response "it depends"... which is basically what that conversation leads to :)

(29 Jul '18, 01:46) Breck Carter
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